Solutions (3rd edition) Elementary Workbook


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Рабочая тетрадь помогает закрепить материал урока. Она включает поурочную практику для самостоятельной отработки студентами, а также справочный материал для тех, кому он необходим.

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The Solutions Workbook is the perfect partner to the Student’s Book, and helps consolidate the material taught in class. It contains further lesson-by-lesson practice for students to complete in their own time, as well as reference material for those who need extra support.

With the audio available online, students can benefit from extra listening practice, and can use the unit review sections to assess their own progress and build confidence.

  • Further lesson-by-lesson practice of the material taught in class
  • More listening practice, with the audio available to download from the Student’s Website.
  • Vocab Boost! Provides vocabulary learning tips and activities to support students and encourage autonomous learning.
  • Unit Reviews to develop students’ awareness of their progress.
  • Self-evaluation ‘Self-checks’ with ‘I can …’ statements at the end of every Unit Review to promote conscious learner development.
  • Exam Skills Trainers to practise and prepare for exams including practise of exam techniques and tasks.
  • NEW Cumulative Reviews consolidate learning as students progress through the level.
  • Use of English practice in all Unit Reviews and Cumulative Reviews.
  • Irregular verbs list for reference.
  • Writing Bank to help students write the text types they will meet in their exam, for example, an informal letter, an email, a blog post, or an opinion essay. For each text type, there is a model answer with tips on structure and content.
  • Functions Bank brings together all the key functional language from each unit


Год издания:



Third Edition


Solutions 3 edition

Страна происхождения:

Соединенное Королевство

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(A2) Elementary