Solutions (3rd edition) Upper-Intermediate Workbook Classroom Presentation Tool


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Deliver heads-up lessons with the Student’s Book Classroom Presentation Tool, a resource providing course content on screen with an extensive range of digital features. Featuring interactive activities that fill the screen, Classroom Presentation Tool encourages all students to participate and feel involved in the lesson, boosting engagement and motivation. It’s easier than ever to run smooth lessons with embedded audio and video, in-built annotation tools and additional activities to consolidate your students’ learning.

  • Solutions Pre-Intermediate Student’s Book content available on screen.
  • Deliver heads-up lessons by bringing easy-to-use digital features to the front of the classroom.
  • Capture students’ attention with activities that fill the screen (including optional lesson openers and closers) so that everyone can participate, even large classes.
  • Support every student with pop-ups providing optional scaffolding and language support (ideas, prompts, key phrases) to accompany selected Student Book speaking tasks.
  • Plan your lessons wherever you are. Add text or audio notes to a page, save your web links, then open them in class – all with one account.
  • Feel confident teaching with technology – use the Classroom Presentation Tool offline or online from your computer or tablet.
  • Play audio and video at the touch of a button and launch activities straight from the page for classes that run smoothly – every time.


Год издания:



Third Edition


Solutions 3 edition

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Соединенное Королевство

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Classroom Presentation Tool


(B2) Upper-Intermediate